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Boxers (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
By Chris Thiel
Code: DW0519
Softcover, 96 pages, 100 photos/illustrations
Barron's Educational Series (2000)

Information and advice to help you take good care of your Boxer. The typical Boxer: its origins, life cycle, temperament, and more. Expert advice: purchase, training, grooming, feeding, and general care. Appreciating Boxers: their intelligence, patience with children, and willingness to accept training. Advice on everyday care of your Boxer. Informative and attractive charts, tables, and sidebars. Filled with full-color photos and illustrations.

Table of Contents Include:
The Typical Boxer
Tips on Buying a Boxer
Getting the Puppy Settled
Understanding Boxers
Training: The Gentle Approach
Daily Grooming and Health Check
Proper Nutrition and Feeding
Preventive Health Care and Illnesses
Breeding Boxers

A New Owner's Guide to Boxers
By Richard Tomita
Code: DW7523
Hardcover, 160 pages, 138 photos/illustrations
TFH Publications (2003)


Richard Tomita has bred more Boxer Champions than any other breeder in American History. Jacquet Boxers are celebrated around the world for their outstanding elegance and style. In addition to 150 + American Kennel Club Champions, there are dozens of international champions heralding the Jacquet name. Tomita has been in Boxers for more than 25 years; his first litter was whelped in 1971. Although his great claim to fame is his unparalleled breeding program, Rick is often sought after as a dog show judge for various breeds and is the co-owner with William Scolnik of J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies, Inc., in Oakland, New Jersey.

Table of Contents Include:
Introduction to the Boxer
Origins of the Boxer
History in Germany
History in the United States
Standard for the Boxer
Role of Today's Boxer
Choosing a Boxer Puppy
Everyday Care of the Puppy
Obedience Training for Your Boxer
Sport of Purebred Dogs
Health Care for Your Boxer
Dental Care for Your Dog's Life
Behavior and Canine Communication
Identification and Finding the Lost Dog
Traveling with Your Dog


Living With A Boxer
Edited By Sharon Hannibal
Code: DW4303
Hardcover/w Jacket, 128 pages, 162 photos/illustrations
Barron's Educational Series (2002)

Want to find out what it's really like to own a Boxer? It's all here in Living With A Boxer, a dog book with a difference. As well as providing the best practical advice on all aspects of Boxer care and training, owners tell their own special stories of the love and companionship that has come from living with this wonderful breed. Illustrated throughout with stunning photography, Living With A Boxer is the book you simply cannot live without.

Table of Contents Include:
Introducing The Boxer
Puppy Power
The Adolescent Boxer
The Adult Boxer
Broadening Horizons
Seeking Perfection
Health Care


The Boxer Handbook
By J. H. Walker
Code: DW2449
Softcover, 202 pages, 113 photos/illustrations
Barron's Educational Series (2000)

The information you need to raise a happy and healthy Boxer. Facts, advice, and fascinating insights tell you all you need to know about purchase, nutrition, health care, grooming, training, and much more. Filled with color photos.

Table of Contents Include:
History of the Boxer
The Boxer Today
The Boxer as a Companion
Choosing the Best Boxer for You
Adopting the Adult Boxer
Preparing for the New Arrival
The Boxer's Life Stages
Welcome Home!
Grooming and Feeding
Preventive Care
Common Diseases of the Boxer
The Well-behaved Boxer
When Good Boxers Behave Badly
Beyond Basics: Getting Involved
Useful Addresses and Literature


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