Puppy Checklist



Things you will need for your new puppy....

Collar or Harness - the choice of a collar doesn't always come down to fashion, a correct fitting collar is a must and should also allow for growth.

Lead - control your puppy before it controls you! You will want a longer lead when a puppy however as it becomes older you will provide a shorter lead to maintain control.

Cage or crate - somewhere safe for your puppy to sleep when you are unable to watch them, also a great training aide. You will want to purchase a crate that is large enough for the puppy to stretch out but not too large or it will not be able to aide in potty training. Kelly’s Boxer recommends the life stages crate.

Bedding - after a hard day play every pooch needs a place to lay their weary head. It is best to have a small rug or pad for the puppy to sleep on.

Food - All puppies are fed Exclusive Chicken & Rice Large Breed Puppy Formula at Kelly’s Boxers. It’s important to start your puppy with the right food, a food full of nutrition and antioxidants for every life stage. You will want to keep the puppy on the same food that is currently being fed and gradually introduce the brand you want to feed them. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Kelly’s Boxers recommends switching your puppy to PMI Nutrition Prime Formula between 6-8 months of age.

Food Bowl - puppies like to chew and play, a plastic bowl may not be the best choice.

Water Bowl - there should always be a source of water available at all times, remember a bigger bowl for the summer months.

Brush - to keep their coat clean and healthy. Boxers are not known to shed a lot. However they do shed a little and brushing helps to keep the hair maintained and shiny.

Toys - puppy's are inquisitive and like to play, if you don't provide toys for them to chew your things and could be their next choice. I recommend toys that are not easily broken maybe a large ball nothing too small they may be a choking hazard. There are several to choose from in the puppy isle, or ask the pet store manager for suggestions

Treats - not the fattening type of treats but things like rawhide bones and pigs ears which aid in dental hygiene.

ID Tag - an absolute essential, listed on the ID tag should be your puppy's name, your name, address and phone number.


Recommended stuff for pooch....

Harness - for car travel and to aid with early training. Using a harness in the car from the start will greatly aid with safety once your puppy starts growing.

Flea Comb - also flea and tick prevention shampoos, powder or advantage or frontline are great products to aide in the prevention of fleas and ticks.

Books - from general dog care to specific literature on your puppy. If you have never been responsible for the breed of puppy you are planning for, this is a must.


Recommended books….

Boxers - Complete Pet Owner's Manual - By Johanna Thiel, Chris Pinney

Training Your Boxer (Training Your Dog Series) - By Joan Hustace Walker

Boxers for Dummies - By Beaucamp Richard

A New Owner's Guide to Boxers (JG Dog) - By Richard K. Tomita


Vaccination Schedule....

2 weeks - De-wormer Provided by Kelly’s Boxers

4 weeks - De-wormer Provided by Kelly’s Boxers

6 weeks - De-wormer Provided by Kelly’s Boxers

8 weeks - First Puppy Shot includes: Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Coronoavirus; De‑wormer; and Interceptor Provided by Kelly’s Boxers

12 weeks - Second Puppy Shot - provided by your veterinarian; heartworm preventative and de-wormer

16 weeks - Third Puppy Shot - provided by your veterinarian; heartworm preventative also should receive first rabies shot and fecal exam.

16 months - Booster Shot - provided by your veterinarian second rabies shot
Recommend three year rabies shot

Once a month Interceptor is encouraged. Puppies have been started on this and should remain on heartworm preventative. Ask your vet for details.


Other Schedules....

Cropping of Ears (optional) - Needs to be done between 12 – 15 weeks of age. Consider this very carefully, I recommend reading up on cropping of ears and getting referrals from your prospective veterinarian that is to perform the procedure.

Please visit our Too Crop or Not??

Spay or Neuter - Recommended between 6-9 months of age.

Don’t forget the NuVet!

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