Continental Airlines is our choice of airline, as it offers the best shipping for your puppy. The other airlines do not offer the Pet Safe Program for boxers or other snub-nose puppies and therefore all locations must be below 75 degrees in order to ship through those companies. This is not possible with the summer months and in order for us to ensure the safest flight for your puppy, we will drive to Tulsa to ship your puppy to your nearest airport. Due to the increase in shipping we must raise our shipping costs to cover the price increase for the shipping costs, health certificate, carrier and travel. Continental’s Pet Safe program has become our personal choice due to the service their cargo unit offers. We feel that Continental does everything possible to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for our puppies. Puppies are placed in temperature & pressure controlled cargo areas, as well as temperature controlled vans to transport to and from the airplane. If layover is required for an extended period of time, they are placed in a temperature controlled kennel area and have a vet on hand if needed. We will do our absolute best to have your puppy shipped to the nearest airport that Continental uses for shipments, however, cannot guarantee that it will be the closest airport to you.



The total cost for shipping is $400 which includes the ticket, an airline-approved carrier, health certificate, and travel expense. We do ask that you contact us as soon as your puppy has arrived safely.


This is to ensure a flight for your puppy.

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You are always welcome to come and pick up your puppy.




Fly the friendly skies with Continental! 

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